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Aerosol Tin Cans

In Tin can you need to have both clear/high quality printing and a robust structure to ensure your product appearance and also shelf life. We can make you sure about the two characteristics by proposing our Tin cans from 45 mm diameter to 70 mm in different volumes even tailor made size.

Aerosol Aluminum Cans

We have Aluminum cans from 20 mm diameter to 66 mm which have volumes of 15-750 ml.

PET/PE Bottles & Jars

Although we have a huge number of molds in our warehouse for production of different kinds of PET, PE and PP bottles, we are completely open to any new design from your side. Besides, our highest quality coating, silk printing and hot stamping gives your bottle a unique look.

Just like our bottles, the PET Preforms are also produced under the highest standards granting you the best quality which is apparently visible by fine surface finish and no mold string at the end.

Special Package Sets

Special packages such as airless pumps/bottles, airless tubes, Tin boxes, Aluminum bottles and poly carbon or crystal containers are also one of our expertise.

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